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  1. norayr

    XDS-C Fatal F450

    did you try GNU Modula-2 http://www.nongnu.org/gm2/ ? as gcc supports coldfire, u can compile compiler or crosscomp
  2. norayr

    File system in modual 2.

    Use module FIO
  3. any news about open sourcing process? I am sure, that community will provide help in porting modula-2/oberon compilers to new/other platforms and operating systems, will fix bugs, write improvements, what we are unable to do still. Thanks
  4. norayr


    It may run if you have necessary compat libs, but I don't think so. I have tried to compile xds-c on a 64 bit platform and it failed. So, you can use yet only 32bit versions on a 32bit os's. If you are using oberon-2, then I'll recommend you to work with oo2c http://ooc.sf.net It use ansi c as a portable assembler, and there are 64bit verions available. They have released new version recently. If you are interested in Oberon I can recommend yuo Ulm's Oberon compiler. It doesn't depend on any c code so you can use it on a system with linux kernel and without libc. I have compiled it on amd64. All you need is 64bit libelf to compile tof2elf executable. It runs pretty well on an amd64 Regards Norayr
  5. norayr

    xds oberon-2 compiler questions

    OK, sorry for incovinience, related to third question I forgot to do: In.Open; Thanks. Another thought. I think people willl use xds compiler more frequently if there will be real garbage collector, because as I have read in documentation garbage collector only works if the data is not swapped Thanks again
  6. Hello, I am just trying xds oberon compiler. First... why if source program extension is mod not ob2 then even if I do xc test.mod +ob2 compiler invokes modula compiler. is it a bug? Second... why xc doesn't accept declarations like: VAR s : ARRAY OF CHAR; if no array size specified. Third: It seems I am forced to write in the source <* MAIN + *> to compile it? I am trying to use Oakwood libraries and when using In module In. And main question. In.String is used for formatting import? Why When I wrote In.String (s) Out.String ("how do you do"); Out.String(s); Out.Ln; program doesn't ask me for s but just write 'how do you do' ? thanks