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  1. I'm usually working with the windows version of jet and I am fully satisfied. On customer demand I am evaluating the linux version on a fresh Fedora Core 4 install and I can't get it to work. The only thing that works is the compilation process with jc. When I try to run the compiled programme I always get this: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.InternalError: JIT ERROR: (RT) couldn't load compiled DLL at java.lang.Void.<unknown>(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Void.<unknown>(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Void.<unknown>(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Void.<unknown>(Unknown Source) When I try to run JetPackII I get a NullPointerException with exactly the same stack trace. What am I doing wrong? I've run the setenv script and I see the correct LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH when i run "set". Thanks in advance, Christoph Wimberger, Linz/Austria
  2. chriswim

    get name of executing file?

    hi! is there a system proberty or any method that gives me the exe file of the current running programme? thanks, Christoph Wimberger / Linz, Austria
  3. chriswim

    rename executable at runtime?

    hi all! i've got a problem. on windows 2000 and xp it is possible to rename an exe-file while it is running. this does not work with exe files created with jet. i need this feature to automatically update the programme. thank you in andvance. Christoph Wimberger / Linz, Austria
  4. chriswim

    rename executable at runtime?

    okay, choose an exe file from your harddisk and start it. let's say notepad.exe. while notepad is running, you can rename the executable in windows explorer as well as by calling File.renameTo(File dest) in Java. No Special Windows API is used and it seems to work with every exe file on windows 2000 and newer. but it doesn't work with my executable built with jet. windows explorer tells me that another user or programme is accessing this file and File.renameTo simply returns false. i hope i could make it more clear to you. Christoph Wimberger / Linz, Austria