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  1. import java.math.BigInteger; public class Speed { ? public static void main(String[] args) { ? ? int n = 20000; ? ? ? ? while (true) { ? ? ? long time = System.currentTimeMillis(); ? ? ? calculateFactorial(n); ? ? ? time = System.currentTimeMillis() - time; ? ? ? System.out.println((time) + "ms"); ? ? } ? } ? private static String calculateFactorial(int i) { ? ? BigInteger multiplier = BigInteger.ONE; ? ? BigInteger result = BigInteger.ONE; ? ? for (int j = 0; j < i; j++) { ? ? ? result = result.multiply(multiplier); ? ? ? multiplier = multiplier.add(BigInteger.ONE); ? ? } ? ? return result.toString(10); ? } } Small case that demonstrates the problem. If you start this application, you'll see some numbers (how many ms is taken to compute factorial of 20000). If you'll start some backgroung CPU consuming application (for example 7zip archiver in background mode) then you'll see after some time that numbers became much larger. On Sun JVM you won't see such behaviour. P.S. this program runs until interupted....
  2. To be precisious, throughput of my application(running in normal mode) is decreased when another CPU consuming application is runing in background mode. I don't see any throughput decrease when running on Sun JRE 1.5.0 I'll try to create single test case that reproduces this problem.
  3. Application is processing files on network, so there are I/O delays and there are manual delays to decrease load on network.
  4. When I start background application that takes all idle CPU time (in my case that was 7zip archiver in background mode) my JET compiled application use only 2-5% of CPU time. Without background application it normally takes 10-20% CPU time. JET application has normal priority. Background application has idle priority. Question: is it possible to tune jet to use all it's 'foreground' CPU? Or is it JET bug/feature OS:WindowXP SP2 JET:4.8 evaluation. JAVA:1.5.0_09 CPU:AMP athlon64
  5. ozzo

    Jet-Compiled Eclipse

    OS:WindowXP SP2 JET:4.1beta JAVA:1.4.2_10 CPU:AMP athlon64
  6. ozzo

    Jet-Compiled Eclipse

    Eclipse 3.1
  7. ozzo

    Jet-Compiled Eclipse

    I've compiled eclipse with Jet 4.1beta as described in knowledge base article. but sometimes during execution eclipse locks up without any reason. This can be in any place of program. After that eclipse does not respond to any action and does not load CPU. Also same problem appeared in jet 4.0 Is it JET problem or Eclipse problem?