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    Installing Modula2 under Linux

    OK! that worked! and what about the TS extensions? I still have problems, I just moved the directory 'xds' from the 'xdsts' directory over the /usr/local/xds directory. When I do 'xc pepe.mod' the compiler tells me that it can't find the libray IO, and some *.sym files (but everything the program needs is in the same directory: /usr/local/xds !!!!). I want to say that i've been using the TSM2 compiler and i needed to modify a .red redirection file to correct dependencies. I'm from Argentina (South America), my root language is spanish, and if you still don't know where am I, im living in the same country where MARADONA lives (he was the best soccer player in the 80'). Thanks for your pacience.
  2. Please, i need to know all the steps to install XDS under linux, im using SUSE 10.0 I tried to follow the steps in the readme but i think i don't know how to do the first step. I downloaded the latest XDS and the Topspeed pack. (please try to explain for begginers) Thanks.