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  1. TomasW

    getResource(), UNC-path

    Now it works. Thank you!
  2. TomasW

    getResource(), UNC-path

    More information: 1. The problem does not occur if the program is run from a subdir of the share, eg. \\server\share\subdir\resourcetest.exe 2. A jar file can run directly from a share without problem, eg. \\server\share\resourcetest.jar 3. If I place the jar file together with the program in \\server\share\, and then run resourcetest.exe, the program seems to find the resource inside the JAR FILE. / TomasW
  3. TomasW

    getResource(), UNC-path

    Hi, I'm developing an application that is almost finished, but today I discovered a serious problem when I tried to run the program from an UNC-path. I use the following code to fetch resources from the compiled exe-file. getClass().getResource("/picture.jpg") Everything works fine when executing the program from a local drive or a network (mapped) drive. But, when I launch the program directly from an UNC path such as \\server\share\program.exe, the getClass().getResource("/picture.jpg") returns null! Is there a workaround for this? I still want all my resources inside the program file. Product: Excelsior Jet 4.5, mp3 Best regards, TomasW
  4. TomasW

    Compiling JLayer API V1.0

    Thanks! Best regards, TomasW
  5. TomasW

    Compiling JLayer API V1.0

    Hi, I'm not sure if this qualifies as a bug or defect, but one of the classes in the JLayer API takes a very long time to compile. Excelsior JET v4.1 Standard Edition (c) Excelsior 1997,2005 Active J2SE Version 1.5.0_05 (profile 56) [...] 3% done, 394/410 to go: [Path to jar]:/javazoom/jl/decoder/huffcodetab.class errors(0), warnings(0), notes(0); bytes(210148), time 147.72 [...] Total compilation time 4:30.14 The jar file can be downloaded from http://www.javazoom.net/javalayer/sources.html System info: 2,8Ghz CPU, 2GB ram. OS: Windows XP, SP2 Is there anything I can do to decrease the compilation time? Best regards, TomasW
  6. TomasW

    Sharing JET runtime between applications

    Thank you very much for your answers!
  7. TomasW

    Sharing JET runtime between applications

    Yes, you can create a folder and move "xjre" there. JetPackII will understand where "xjre" is moved and will bind it to all the JET executables in the package. 2b. Does this mean that the executables are "statically" binded to the folder at compile-time? I'm interrested in a solution where the customer could somehow choose if the runtime should be either in a direct subfolder or in a completely different folder (such as a subfolder to the parent folder). Is that possible to do? The background info on this is that we have about ten different applications, and some customer choose to put them in different folders, and some choose to put them into the same folder. If I could spare them the overhead of ~ 50 MB per application, that yould be great. 3. If the xjre folder is write-protected for the current user, does that cause the runtime to malfunction or is it OK? (I want to be sure that no runtime files are changed or deleted.) Thank you for your support.
  8. A few questions about the JET runtime: 1. Is it true that multiple applications (.exe files) that are located in the same folder can use the same JET Runtime? The runtime in this case is located in the xjre subfolder. 2. Is it possible to move the xjre-folder to a different place and somehow inform the exe-files to look for it there? Example structure: Root - Folder: xjre - runtime lib. - Folder: Program1 - exe-file - Folder: Program2 - exe-file Any information is appreciated.