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  1. Thanks.
  2. How is data passed to / from the C code? Got an example? I'd love to see 'hello world' in Modula2 using printf(). Thanks.
  3. I got that error once ( ok, more than once! ) by forgetting to modify my PATH.
  4. I'll assume that english is not your birth language. I am also assuming that this is more a language problem than a computer problem. I will translate the instructions into simpler english. 1) If your system has a directory named /usr/local/xds, the files will be installed there. If your system does not have /usr/local/xds, the files will be installed in /usr/tmp. Create /usr/local/xds, and move the files into it. Change your path variable. At a prompt, type: PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/xds/bin 1.2) I did not do step 1.2, and my installation works fine. I was using Fedora, not SUSE. ( Does somebody else use SUSE ? If so, please tell him what to do here. ) 1.3) At a prompt, type: su At a prompt, type: cd /usr/local/xds At a prompt, type: ./apisyms-x86 2) At a prompt, type: cd /usr/local/xds At a prompt, type: mkdir wrk At a prompt, type: cd wrk At a prompt, type: xcwork If you still have errors, tell use exactly what error messages you get. I think that I have seen most of them when I intalled mine.
  5. It turns out that when installing Fedora 4, I inadvertently chose 'desktop' instead of 'workstation', and didn't get gcc installed. I hope someone else can profit from the revelation of my errors.
  6. why xc doesn't accept declarations like: VAR s : ARRAY OF CHAR; if no array size specified. You're dealing with a true high-level language here, not a mid-level language like C. Make your array as big as neccesary, and debugging will be easier. RAM is cheap; programmer time is expensive.
  7. Ok, I found out enough about make to figure out that 'permission denied' can mean that it expected an executable file but found a directory, so please ignore the previous question. ( BTW, when I said 'red hat 4' in the original post, I meant to say 'Fedora 4'. ) For some bizarre reason, the gnu c compiler is no longer called 'gcc' on Fedora 4. It appears to be 'cc1', and is buried in several sub-directories inside the gcc directory. I'm going back to Fedora 3 and retry the whole install from the beginning.
  8. I'm using a freshly installed version of Red hat 4, and trying to install Modula 2. In readme.txt, part 1.2 gives instructions for building the runtime library. When following those instructions I get an error: $ make -f lib.mfk gcc -D_unix -D_linux -DX2C_no_spawn -DX2C-strcmp -DX2C_native_library -02 -fno-strength-reduce -I../../include -c -o ../../C/COROUTINES.o ../../C/COROUTINES.c make: execvp: gcc: Permision denied make: *** [../../C/COROUTINES.o] Error 127 I've checked permissions for all relevant directories and files, and they are all 755 or looser. Can anybody make sense of this error? Thanks HB PS: It seems odd, but gcc here is a directory, not a file.