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    Having problem with the struct

    Hello, We want to be able to print crystal reports from a java application and are using the xFunction for this, all is working fine but now we need to use database driven reports, and this is where our problems starts. We have to use a struct that will contain the database and authentication information, I am having problem translating this struct to a xFunction struct, I have gone thru the examples but can't seem to get it right. I am not a c,c++ expert and that might well be the problem here, but I really want to make this work so please if you can help me, it would really make my day. The c struct looks like this Global Const PE_SERVERNAME_LEN = 128 Global Const PE_DATABASENAME_LEN = 128 Global Const PE_USERID_LEN = 128 Global Const PE_PASSWORD_LEN = 128 Global Const PE_SIZEOF_LOGON_INFO = 514? ' # bytes in PELogOnInfo struct PELogonInfo {WORD structSize; char ServerName [PE_SERVERNAME_LEN]; char DatabaseName [PE_DATABASENAME_LEN]; char UserID [PE_USERID_LEN]; char Password [PE_PASSWORD_LEN];}; The function we are calling looks like this BOOL PELogonServer(const char FAR *DLLName,PELogonInfo FAR *logOnInfo) Best regards, Magnus