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  1. Pumice

    64-bit Support

    I know this has been asked before, but are there any plans for Excelsior JET 64-bit support?
  2. Pumice

    Future 64-Bit Support?

    Thanks for that info - better to have a realistic idea of when things might be available than not at all. (I'm sure its no trivial task for you ;-) BTW - I presume (for those of us not in the US) that Fall 2006 means sometime around September - November? ('Spring' to those in the southern hemisphere )
  3. Pumice

    Future 64-Bit Support?

    So that sort of leads me back to my original question ... any plans to support 64-bit apps that want to be free of the 32-bit address space limit?
  4. Pumice

    Future 64-Bit Support?

    My main interest in running on 64-bit AMD systems is to be able to address > 2G of RAM I presume that JET generated applns runing on such hardware would still be limited to around 1.6gb, as if they were running on a 32-bit machine?
  5. Pumice

    Future 64-Bit Support?

    Any news yet @ 64-bit support? Even an approximate availability would be helpful - mid 2006?