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  1. Hi, I have server side application. When I run my application using jar file, it runs ok for months. But when I run it as binary (created binary using jet for linux 3.7 standard edition) I receive java.lang.OutOfMemory Exception. It occurs especially in weekends, when my application doing nothing. I run my jar using JProbe for 1 month now and I have not seen any memory leeks or anything lik ethat, but the binary which runs on the second pc is producing this problem. Does any one can help mne with this issue? Thanks.
  2. redhat

    Binding and not binding classes

    Thanks. I have added jars from our own jars into my own jar. I guess that is only solution that will work. Thanks for your comments.
  3. Hi all. I have 2 types of jar files. Ones, like log4j, commons, jzlib and etc, that comes with BSD, GPL and etc licences. Others is our own packages that heavily reused between applications. However, due to the security reasons we would like to add our packages within th executable and leave others outside. I am working on FC3 with jdk1.4.08. I can create shared library objects out opf standart jars and bind other jars into the execuatble. However, due to the some licensing restrictions, I can not change standard jars such as log4j, commons and etc to *.so libraries. Thus, I would like to craete prj file where Ican expilicity say to bind some modules and do not bind others. How can I do this? I tried just put lookup for this libraries in the prj file and then in JetPackII to add them as a resources and specified them in classpath, but this does not help. Does any one have an idea? Thank you.