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    Cardinals in xds-modula-2

    Thankyou very much, Mr. Snowman, for your valuable help! Yours sincerely, Christian Maurer
  2. Dear Sir, dear developers, as far as I have understood it, one _either_ can use 32-bit-CARDINALs _or_ 16-bit-CARDINALs in xds-Modula-2. This is very unfortunate in my opinion, since on the one hand the advantages of 4 against 2 byte are obvious, on the other, the data type short int in C (SHORTCARD in Modula-2) is extremely important for use with serveral C-libraries and system calls in e.g. linux. Is the a possibility to use _both_, even with type compatibilty (as e.g. VAR s: SHORTCARD (* 16 bit *); c: CARDINAL (* 32 bit *); BEGIN (* ... *) c:= s; (* ... *) ? Yours sincerely Ch. Maurer E-Mail: maurer@inf.fu-berlin.de http.//www.inf.fu-berlin.de/lwb/murus/index.html