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    Manually edit .jpn files

    I am having the same problem as described in the "Relative paths in project files?" discussion where I need to run JetPack/xpack from different directories. As described there, I am also storing my .jpn files in a sub-directory of my main project directory (a directory called jet/project/). I understand one solution is to move the .jpn files up to the root project directory. However, I have several .jpn files for different distributions and would rather not clutter my root directory with .jpn files. Also, all my other JET related files are in my 'jet' subdirectory. Currently because my .jpn files are located in a subdirectory, JetPack is not re-mapping the file paths. I would like to figure out a way to edit the .jpn file so I can either a) convert all the paths to relative paths (eg: ../../src/some-file) or edit the absolute path each time to reflect the current absolute path. We are currently able to do this for the .prj files, but not for the .jpn files. I think this is because of the encoding. Most of my editors won't even read it properly. I can edit the file in Visual Web Developer, but when I save it, JetPack can no longer read it. What encoding is used for these files and is there a way to manually edit the files? Thanks.