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    Using external Jars

    If it runs under SUN JRE it will run under JET Runtime too. You can either compile it into one executable/dll or let it reside in the jar. See in the documentation under the chapter "Mixed Compilation Model" for more details...
  2. Hi, as the manual said I need to recompile a DLL A and all following DLLs B,C,D.... if some jars changed in DLL A. My question is, what is understood under the term "jar is changed"? Does it have consequences if I add a new class or change the implementation of an existing class in the DLL A without changing the interfaces in it which classes from jars in DLLs B,C,D... are using? Must I really recompile A,B,C,D with such a minor change?
  3. I really thank you for your valuable time. Now I understand, how it works. I had success compiling my java application with JET Excelsior at the first try! I wish you much success with Excelsior JET! Greetings from Germany PS: Sorry for bad english, if it is...
  4. Thank you for your explanation. Finally I have one more question about the implementation. What about the JET Runtime <-> Sun JRE relationship? Do you took the Sun JRE and compiled it with your Compiler to a native version for the specific platform or do you as a draft for writing your own runtime environment? I ask that, because I want to know, if I should expect errors or misimplementation in your JET Runtime which does not occur in Sun JRE or vice versa...
  5. Thank you, for your detailed answer. I thought there is an option named -Djet.usejre which tolds the Compiler, that the specific code uses the JRE found under JAVAHOME installed on the client. So, what is this option good for?
  6. Hello, I have an application that makes use of the IBM JRE and was developed with the IBM JDK. Is it possible to compile this application and let it use the IBM JRE installed on the client, so it behaves in the same way, like it was distributed as an JAR file running under the IBM JRE?