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    runtime error #3(trap) in jet

    I discovered a way to get around the issue: I had compiled the code with Sun's 1.5.0_06 JRE, but was using the 1.5.0_05 version of JET. Once I downloaded the 1.5.0_06 update for JET and recompiled the code with JET, the executable worked just fine.
  2. galleon

    runtime error #3(trap) in jet

    I'm getting this error when trying to use your product with the Galleon open source project: galleon.tv To reproduce the error download the source code of the project: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/galleon/galleon-2.2.0.src.zip?download To build Galleon use Ant: ant package The binaries will be placed in the build directory. The jar files in the build lib directory needs to be in the classpath and the main class is org.lnicholls.galleon.server.ServiceWrapper Once the galleon.exe is generated it needs to be placed in the build bin directory to run.