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  1. Thanks again. Sorry, but I've another question, wich is an extension of the last one My application have two executable files: the first one is a setup program for the second one wich is the main application. Both are Excelsior compiled specifing a custom icon for each one. I've packed the two executables and attached resource files in a single distribution file using JetPack II and Excelsior installer, asking Excelsior installer to create (on Windows desktop) two shortcuts to the two executables files. Can I do this with Jet STANDARD edition ?
  2. Thanks Kit. And what about shortcuts with custom icons ? The "Feature Matrix" page, in the "What you can do with it" section in the bottom of the page says "Create arbitrary shortcuts with custom icons in Excelsior Installer-based setups" is possible just for the Professional edition. Is there any difference in the Excelsior installer between Standard edition and Professional edition ?
  3. Hi all, I'm using a JET 4.1 Evaluation version and I've readed the Feature Matrix page, but I still need help, because I'm not sure about what version I have to buy (Standard or Professional). My java application use SWING/AWT and I've compiled and packed it with JET Eval and JETPack II and it works fine. I've used all default settings and a "Classic" runtime option to compile it, and packed it with Excelsior installer who adds also desktop icons to the application. My question is: may I purchase the Standard version to do this, or I need the Professional (probably too expensive for me) ? Thanks