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  1. Read a pixel.

    Hello, I will like to read some pixel on the screen by the porocedure Piont from Graph but the don't do that What will the problem? Greets.
  2. Import.

    ok? thanks.
  3. Import.

    Hello, When I programing in modula2 sometimes I need to say FROM xxxx IMPORT ggg,gggg; but sometimes it is in of to say IMPORT xxx; Why this different? Greets Thanks a lot.

    Hello, Do somone know what the XDS compiler means by saying ASSERT(FALSE,15) by compyling the program? Greets.
  5. From Cardinal to Integer.

    But I just try it and I lucky ? Greets.
  6. From Cardinal to Integer.

    and you can do that with al the type of variable? so Reel to integer and reel to cardinal ect... Greets.
  7. Hello, Who can I make the follow conversions in modula2 ? from integer to cardinal ? Greets.
  8. Hello, Who knows who you can make a symstem in modula2 (on an xp computer) to eread an write files ? Thank you very well. Greets.