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  1. Bert F

    Read a pixel.

    Hello, I will like to read some pixel on the screen by the porocedure Piont from Graph but the don't do that What will the problem? Greets.
  2. Bert F


    ok? thanks.
  3. Bert F


    Hello, When I programing in modula2 sometimes I need to say FROM xxxx IMPORT ggg,gggg; but sometimes it is in of to say IMPORT xxx; Why this different? Greets Thanks a lot.
  4. Bert F


    Hello, Do somone know what the XDS compiler means by saying ASSERT(FALSE,15) by compyling the program? Greets.
  5. Bert F

    From Cardinal to Integer.

    But I just try it and I lucky ? Greets.
  6. Bert F

    From Cardinal to Integer.

    and you can do that with al the type of variable? so Reel to integer and reel to cardinal ect... Greets.
  7. Hello, Who can I make the follow conversions in modula2 ? from integer to cardinal ? Greets.
  8. Hello, Who knows who you can make a symstem in modula2 (on an xp computer) to eread an write files ? Thank you very well. Greets.