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  1. rracaru

    Escape analysis

    Hi, Yes I understand. They are nice to have for just in case scenarios where you need an extra 15% - 20% precent boost in performance. Jet does not always removes all the checks even it they are safe to remove. Speaking about performance, do you have any plans to intrisify the code for nio bytebuffer? I'm evaluating your product and so far I'm pleased with what I've seen ,keep up the good work!
  2. rracaru

    Escape analysis

    It works, impresive! I had -genstackalloc- in the project config. For the asm output I use -genasm+. It's there a reason for removing -checkindex- -checknull- -checkarrstore- options from the compiler? Thanks, Radu
  3. rracaru

    Escape analysis

    Hi, I saw a mention of the fact that Jet can remove locking operations on objects that don?t escape the current thread like: class c { String test() { StringBuffer b = new StringBuffer(); b.append("local buffer"); return b.toString(); } } } But looking at the asm code generated I see that the locking is still present, can you please explain in what conditions this optimization is done? Thanks, Radu