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  1. To continue this thread, "The only question is whether systems of your end users have stable internet connection so that the JET Runtime can load the rest of classes from the server when necessary?" Depends - since my program does not use AWT or Swing, I can guarantee that users will have an internet connection whenever the JRE tries to load Swing, since that will never happen? Is it possible to preselect which parts of the runtime go in the Distributed Deployment, so that a net connection is not practically necessary?
  2. Thanks! As I understand it, the main problem is that the Sun license requires everybody to distribute the entire JRE, even if only parts of it bare being used? I was wondering if would be legally possible to distribute a version of the JRE that only includes the actually used JRE components, but downloaded the remaining parts of the JRE from a website if it was required? Just a thought.
  3. My project ended up at around 10 MB for the programming alone (it uses SDL, so no depencies on AWT etc..). I agree, the savings are impressive compared to shipping the entire jre. Still, it doesn't solve my problem since I was hoping to reserve 8MB of a 10MB download for graphics and sound ... That's the reason I was hoping to use an earlier version.
  4. With Excelsior 4.5 beta, the installer for a hello world program ends up at 9.2 Megs in my tests. Is this what is expected, or am I doing something wrong?
  5. Unfortunately, I am working on a downloadable game project for which the maximum download size is 10MB (this is a pretty common limit for this kind of project). So while I can live with the JRE adding 2-3 MB, I cannot live with it adding (say) 8MB to the download. As I understand it, I can achieve this kind of download size with Excelsior 3.7, but not with 4.x (in my tests at least).
  6. I am looking for a second hand copy of Excelsior Jet 3.7 for Windows. Please contact me if you are interested in selling: jesper (at) soupgames (dot) net -Jesper Juul