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  1. gregrolan

    Compiling Eclipse Plug-In AOT

    Hi Pavel, OK, a couple more questions as I don't fully understand the limitations Is it correct that you can't use dynamic libraries (multi-components) with dynamic classloaders? In your example of compiling eclipse, one of the steps is to start the application and use as much functionality of the application as possible. This is probaly impractical for any sort of automated build system. Is is sufficent for a class to be referenced in order to be compiled & cached? Does it have to be referenced through every context that it would normally be loaded through? i.e. Could I write one routine which references every class in the application or would I have to write such a routine in every context with a custom classloader? Thanks for your help, Greg.
  2. gregrolan

    Compiling Eclipse Plug-In AOT

    Hello Excelsior, "...It may appear in the next major release of Excelsior JET scheduled for 2Q 2006..." This is the feature that I am waiting for before buying JET. Can you give any idea when this may be available (given that we are well into 2Q '06 )? Regards, Greg.