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  1. With System.loadLibrary("awt"); it works. Now i am not sure anymore if i recompiled my dll with the updated JNI header file. I hope this didn't cause too much trouble on your side. So, maybe you are right with the assumption that it is just a UnsatisfiedLinkError. But it shouldn't throw a NoClassDefFoundError anyway. Thanks for your help and for quick replying.
  2. package excelsior; public class HelloWorld { ? ?static { ? ? ? System.loadLibrary("helloworld"); ? ?} ? ?public static void main(String[] args) { ? ? ? System.out.println("hello world"); ? ?} } After adding the static block, running the project with JET results in following console output. JET-compiled Java program has started. ------------------------------------- Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: excelsior/HelloWorld ------------------------------------- JET-compiled Java program has exited. It makes no difference if the library really exists or not. java.library.path is correctly set, of course. I am using JET 4.1 Evaluation.
  3. In my very simple test project i had a static System.loadLibrary block in my main class. Building the project with JET worked right away, but running throwed a NoClassDefFoundException on my main class. Moving the static block to another class solved the problem immediatly. It took me some time to figure this out, because the error message is very misleading. My search in the forum on this issue returned no results, so i am doing this post. Anyway, JET is a great product and makes code execution more than twice as fast on my computer. Because i am working a lot with long primitive datatypes, I have a further question. Can JET compile for 64-Bit systems? Kind regards.