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  1. Hi, I recently downloaded the evaluation version of Jet 4.1 and compiled my application, update jet-410-mp1. I am running Windows XP, 1GB RAM, Intel P4 2GHz. Java -version 1.5.0_06. However, it seems to hang when it tries to run this piece of java code: JFrame win = new JFrame(); newContentPane = new RootLayeredPane(win.getLayeredPane(), this); newContentPane.setOpaque(true); win.setContentPane(newContentPane); where "this" is the enclosing class: public class MainFrameExt extends JPanel implements MouseMotionListener, MouseListener { ... } and RootLayeredPane is the following class: public class RootLayeredPane extends JPanel { ... public RootLayeredPane(JLayeredPane layeredPane, MainFrameExt mf) { ... } } Does Jet support RootLayeredPane? Please could someone explain to me why JET hangs when I insert the piece of code: newContentPane = new RootLayeredPane(win.getLayeredPane(),this); I would be very interested in buying the product if it could fix this. I sent an email to a sales response but as of yet have not received a reply. I'm getting desperate so I thought i'd post on the forum and see if anyone has also experienced this problem. Searched the forums but nux. I have played with the GC and memory settings. However, it still hangs when it gets to this piece of code. Comment it out and no memory error. Thanks, Cheers, Steve