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  1. zimer

    Stack overflow ???

    hi, could you provide us with sample to reproduce this bug? we will investigate this problem at our end.
  2. zimer

    And now ...

    please clarify, when you get this results: in native code or in a java code after invoking of xFunction?
  3. zimer

    xFunction in linux

    hello Yes, you can call a dynamic library with xFunction from java. But dynamic libraries for Windows and for Linux are not compatible. You should port this dll to Linux before invoking it from Java at Linux.
  4. zimer

    packaging error in linux

    Try to remove this file from the package and add again. If this do not help please provide us with more information about this error. What version of Excelsior JET do you use? Please send us the JetPackII project file (*.jpn).
  5. zimer

    Runtime error #16173(trap)

    Unfortunately, we can't publish the trap codes because they usually have internal meaning and there are too many codes. This error maybe caused by using of incorrect native code by JNI or invocation API or internal JET error. We will write you a refining message by e-mail.
  6. zimer

    VerQueryValueA definition

    VerQueryValueA( Struct1*, CSTRING, Struct2**, int*) where struct1 and sruct2 are structures(or maybe arrays) which represent the data buffers
  7. zimer

    Problem with FindWindow

    when you create CSTRING argument don't forget to point its size if problem won't solve send us code example
  8. zimer

    runtime error

    Hello cahgaul05, Please enable full stack trace on the page Target of JET Control Panel, recompile your application and run report again. Please send us the program output after that.
  9. zimer

    How to use pointers ?

    "double _ShGetRelease@16(CSTRING, int*, CSTRING, int)" check that "_ShGetRelease@16" is exact function name exported from your library.