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    Pricing for freeware/shareware authors

    Thank you for your responses. I was planning to use JET Pro to build/deploy some shareware applications I have been working on. Maybe the current pricing would work for large corporations, but for a small one person shop like me (and I am sure there are many others) the $1725 is way too much money to spend out of your pocket. I wanted to buy JET 4.0 last year when you had your 50% off ?6th Birthday Sale? in October when one could buy the professional edition (win32) for about $450 (off the $900 retail price - 30 day support). I had some problems with my credit card at the time and could not place the order in time. Anyways, I had been hoping this was a move in the direction of JetBrains where they offer their IDE for a Personal license (for commercial use) for about half what they charge corporations for a Commercial license. However the new pricing structure at Excelsior seems more like Borland when they choose to increase prices of their products to the several thousand $ range and price out the independent software developers. Like I said in the earlier posting, JET is an excellent product and I wish you guys well with it; however I am disappointed that I won?t be able to use it in my tool chest. Asim
  2. Is there any way to purchase an earlier version of JET. I have been beta testing the 4.5 product, and although I am impressed with the improvements and very disappointed in the 250% price increase in this version (vs 4.1).