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  1. eve

    Can't run Jetsetup

    Try specifying the full path to jetsetup: sudo /usr/jet6.5-eval/bin/jetsetup -show-profiles AFAIK sudo does not respect your PATH variable, it uses root's PATH instead.
  2. eve

    SuspendThread failed with error 5

    According to my past experience, this error might be caused by JNI misuse: please ensure that you call DetachCurrentThread before exiting from the thread.
  3. eve

    OutOfMemoryError in Win 2000

    Hello. Try to install Maintenence Pack 3 for JET 4.0. If it does not help we encourage you to try JET 6.4. JET 4.0 is a really old version. It was released three years ago and have already reached End of Life status. Regards, Vyacheslav Egorov
  4. eve

    Crypto is broken in 6.40

    Please send your JET project files (.prj) to java <at> excelsior-usa.com
  5. Hi, This is not a bug. It seems that in your case the simplest way is to use getClass().getClassLoader().getResource("language.xml")
  6. eve

    jar Files needed after packaging?

    Hi, 1) Could you please describe error which occurs in more details (e.g. exception stack trace would be very helpful)? 2) What settings did you select on the CLASSPATH page in Jet Control Panel? Try combination of Protect = all classes, Pack into exe = auto-detect 3) Does this JAR contain not only classes, but also resources? 4) Is this JAR a part of some thirdparty library? 5) Please send your JET project file (.prj) to Excelsior Support Dept. java (at) excelsior-usa.com
  7. You can find an answer in zztop's post. JNA is tuned to work with Sun HotSpot JVM and expects that others JVM behave in similar way, even if Java Specification allows them to behave differently.
  8. Please go to the folder <JET_Installation_Dir>\profile1.6.0_07\develop\bin and execute the following command there gui - ImportResolver.exe This should output: OK After that try to compile your application once more.
  9. Most probaly no. GUI is scheduled to be included into Beta 3. (1) Launch compiler as described on the Excelsior JET To Protect Eclipse RCP Applications page and terminate it when Parsing Stage starts. (2) Find a JET project file (most probably it will be called <AppDir>.prj) file in the JET Project Data Base directory (<AppDir>_jetpdb). (3) This project will contain a number of !bundle entries looking like this: !bundle <some path> !end Find those corresponding to your plugins and edit them: !bundle <some path> -pack=noncompiled -protect=all -optimize=all !end (4) Invoke compiler jc =p "<AppDir>_jetpdb/<AppDir>.prj" -pack=none -pack=none here means "set -pack option to none by default". It will affect only !bundle-entries which do not contain explicit -pack= assignment. Please note that: (a) you should perform first step every time you change classes in your bundles and ( most probably project file format will change in future betas. Regards, Vyacheslav Egorov.
  10. Hello Olivier, You cannot compile a bunch of plugins separately. You should compile these plugins together with a host RCP application (Eclipse IDE in your case) if you would like to protect them. JET 6.5 will provide a GUI that will allow you to change pack/optimize/protect options for each bundle in your application. This GUI will be similar to the currently used CLASSPATH Grid. In fact you can perform described setup even in JET 6.5 Beta 1, but it is tricky. Yes. BTW, have you tried to compile your application with Excelsior JET 6.5 Beta 1? Any feedback would be very appreciated. Regards, Vyacheslav Egorov.
  11. Hello Ronald. In general you cannot upgrade just one class due to various optimizations performed by the compiler. For example, method foo from class A can be inlined into method bar from class B. So if you want to upgrade A you have to upgrade B as well. You can employ multi-component model to make your updates smaller. For more details please refer to the section Multi-component applications of Excelsior JET User's Guide. But even if you decide to use it, please keep in mind the above restriction. If one component directly uses class from the other component then these components should be upgraded simultaneously. Examples of direct uses are creating a class instance via the new operator, extending a class from another component, accessing static members, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have. Regards, Vyacheslav Egorov
  12. Did you manage to reproduce it on the Sun HotSpot JVM?
  13. eve


    kyt, let's check that I understood your correctly: You have prepared a self contained directory with a JetPackII and copied it (a) as whole (e.g. you have not removed even a single file from a rt folder) and (without any changes (e.g. you have not replaced executable in the self contained folder with a newer one) onto your USB drive. Then you inserted that USB drive into a machine with no Excelsior JET installed and tried to run the JET compiled executable from the self contained directory, but failed. Am I correct?
  14. eve

    external libs

    No. You should keep projects in sync. If you recompile some project you should recompile all projects that reference it through !uses directive. If executable X loads DLL Y then project for Y should reference project for X not some other project.
  15. Hello, Please try to do the following: go to the page Options, switch to the tab Advanced and add COMPILEWITHFIXEDHEAP+ COMPILERHEAP=1536m to the ADDITIONAL OPTIONS, then recompile the sample.