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  1. Dear friends I want to Native build Netbeans IDE using Excelsior JET Ahead-of-time compiler. My intention is to make Netbeans run as fast as Visual Studio on Windows platform. Now it(the Excelsior compiler Wizard) asks me for the command using which one invokes the IDE. I am aware that Netbeans uses a Native Windows exe launcher. I am a bit lazy to go thru the ant build scripts and VC++ codings that does the launching stuff. Can someone give me a simple way to invoke the IDE using the java command. Which is the jar file and what is the main class & what are the properties that are to be sent to it in the command line?? (I guess that the Windows Laucher is doing some not-so-big tasks & that I can just lauch it from the command line. Just write to me if I need to dig deeper. ) Thank you.