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  1. I did some more research and found that the error is not the thread. It has to do with a Window's timer class that we use that is not always compatible with every computer. So JET seems to handle SWT really well. Thanks Bryan
  2. Hi, Thanks for your quick reply. Here is the information I have about these question: -- Does the application work properly under Sun JRE? (on the same systems where the compiled application fails) I've only ran the JET installed program on the computer that failed. -- How the compiled application fails? What are the exceptions thrown, what is printed to the console? There is nothing printed out to the console. Basically everything works fine for the program except the button that controls the Runnable thread. No errors thrown. -- On which system the compiled application fails to run? (the same system where you compile the application or another system to which you deploy the compiled application, hardware & OS). The operating System I use for all my testing has been Windows XP. This includes before I run the application through jet and after I install it. I have never ran the non-JET application on the computer that this error occurs. The only difference is that they are different computers (Although both are dell). And this is only one computer of probably 10 other ones that we used to test this that we've experienced this problem. -- Did you use JETPackII to deploy the application to the other systems? Yes -- What is the JET version you use? The lastest one. Thanks, Bryan
  3. Hi, I have a java program that has been coded using SWT as its GUI library and after I make a build, theres a Class (Runnable), which is a thread class, that will not work on some computers after I make a build using JET. Are there any known problems with this class or would you have an idea for a setting that might help this? Thanks, Bryan