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    classdefNotFound problem

    Hi, I've recently downloaded the trial version of JET, in order to hopefully solve a few performance issues in one of our products (naturally if JET solves the problem we'll invest in the full version). Though I'm having a few problems getting the application to run.? To give some brief details: The program uses sun's Web Services Developer Pack, to marshall and unmarshall XML files.? I've bundled the application into a Jar file, which contains the contents of all the libraries it needs, that are external to the JRE installation.? I can take this jar file and successfully run it on any PC that has Java 1.5 (tried it on _06 and above). When I compile the application in JET, it compiles to Native code okay with no errors or warnings but when I try to run the executable, the GUI comes up okay but I get an exception as soon as I attempt any XML related operation. The first exception I get is an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException and if I hit the "Load XML" button again, I get a NoClassDefFoundError exception (to save cluttering up this post, I've uploaded the exceptions, in a text file to: www.redbulljunkies.com/JET_NativeCodeExceptions.txt ). I'm running JET with the 1.5_07 update. If anyone has experienced something similar to this before, or has any suggestions on how to get over the problem, it'd be most appreciated. I've tried to include the relevant Web Developer JAR files into the exe and I've used the JET Setup application to create a profile including the relevant Web Developer JAR files. Cheers.