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  1. zztop2

    Compatibility with JDK 1.6

    We understand your concern Did you check it with JRE 1.5.0_11 under Vista?
  2. zztop2

    Java 6 Support

    you are welcome
  3. zztop2

    Jetbrains Intellij Idea

    The Jetbrains people also live in Boston (US) and Praga (Czechia). We are in touch with them and plan to make IDEA compiled with Excelsior JET (but first we should teach the AOT compiler to handle the IDEA's custom classloaders which are now handled by the JET Runtime via JIT compilation.) For now you may try to run IDEA on Sun JRE 6.0 to get some performance improvement. http://www.intellij.net/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=264972&tstart=0 Please let us know if it helps.
  4. zztop2

    The .jar file opcodes

    http://java.sun.com/docs/books/jvms/second_edition/html/VMSpecTOC.doc.html Search "Java decompiler" to find automatic tools for reverse translation.
  5. zztop2

    Embedding JPanel in C++

    Only if you dive deep into the SWT internals... Even though you will succeed, things may change with a next release of SWT because API vendors have in mind "typical use" of the API not "embeedding hacks" like the way of co-usage with MFC you mentioned. Anyway, you may give a try with SWT
  6. zztop2

    Embedding JPanel in C++

    As you refer to JPanel, we are talking about JFC/Swing which is a complete windowing system itself. I doubt that the Swing public API allows you to embed a Swing control into an MFC control - you should choose either. In general, you can display Swing controls from C++ apps but without the requirement to embed them into frames of another windowing system.
  7. zztop2

    Embedding JPanel in C++

    Sure. Just check the samples: <JET Installation directory>\samples\Invocation\cMain <JET Installation directory>\samples\Invocation\attachCThread
  8. zztop2

    OutOfMemory Error

    Thanks for your feedback. Keep us posted if this problem appears again. I've filed your proposal on displaying an OOM post-mortem dialog implemented at JVM level.
  9. zztop2

    OutOfMemory Error

    Thanks. This excludes the case of a JNI misuse (very popular scenario as our support records show.) With this setting , the app will unlikely crash due to OOM. ---------- Do you have any statistics on Windows versions installed on the boxes where the crash happened?
  10. zztop2

    OutOfMemory Error

    How many threads does your app run? ------------- So far, OOM is just a speculation without provable cases. Does you app use native non-java methods (those having the native modifier) or third-party libraries which do that? This question is still not answered.
  11. zztop2

    tomcat - Article 000018

    With the current version of Excelsior JET, it is not possible. From time to time we receive similar requests for implementing a code protection mechanism for jar files that are loaded with custom classloaders. Examples are Tomcat web apps, Eclipse plug-ins, etc. A few months ago, we conducted some R&D and found a technique that enables code protection in such cases but it's not yet implemented. We plan to include this capability in future versions of Excelsior JET and you would help us a lot if you contact Excelsior Support Dept at ? ? ?java@excelsior-usa.com and describe your application in more details. It would allow us to better understand customer needs. Thanks. --ZZ Top
  12. zztop2

    OutOfMemory Error

    If you app works with large data sets, that's not a problem. ----------------- You did not answer the question: does you app use native methods or third-party libraries which do that? ----------------- Please post here the header of your project file (compiler options). It's interesting to see the settings for your app
  13. zztop2

    Compatibility with JDK 1.6

    It's scheduled on 3-4Q 2007 May I ask why it's important for you? I mean what's appeared in Java 6 that you could not find in Java 5.
  14. zztop2

    Java 6 Support

    thanks for the information and keep us posted
  15. zztop2

    Java 6 Support

    thanks a lot for your answers What is the benefit you expect (performance, code protection, or something else)? ---------------- Well, it sounds like "a long time ago in a galaxy far away.."