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    Change JRE?

    Hi! I'm developing a game and have some trouble with the sound. As long as I play the game through my ide it sounds fine. The ide runs the game with the jdk 1.5.1. But when I compiled it with excelsior all sounds ended prematurely. This making them sound chopped off and making the player avatar seem to run (since I play play the next footstep as soon as one ends). It seems very unprofessional. It all depend on the version of java. I discovered this when I played it from a jar outside the ide (using the jre 1.5.9). So I updated to jdk 1.5.10 and the problem was gone (both in ide and outside). So the problem is not in 1.5.1 or 1.5.10 but it is in 1.5.5 (the one used by jet) and 1.5.9 (when I played it from the jar). I use excelsior jet 4.1. Is there are way to make jet use 1.5.10?