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  1. First, I'd like to say, the biggest DLL is from the 3rd party vendor's DLL. (Actually, it's the xbeans from apache.) So, that's a good thing! I doubt we will need to re-load the two jars (or DLLS we make out of them) very often, if ever. Unless we run into some bug. What we do need to change is the main exe, since that is the jar that has all the application code. (Of course, we could distribute the application with a separate jar with the main code and the exe as a launcher, but I don't see a point in this right now.) The program will check for updates when it first loads up. My thinking is, it will either download an updateable executable (that we will create with JetPack) and run that, or it will simply replace the .exe. (I'd prefer to have the update silent, rather than have them see the installer and hit okay, so I'm leaning towards just replacing the .exe. I will most likely create another smaller .exe for doing this update.) We are still developing this portion right now and testing. I was just curious why the size became so much bigger. Again, for updates, it isn't an issue. The .exe is only 300KB and even if we use the JetPack updated version, it's only 500K. (Nice work guys!) But, for the initial download, it's almost twice the size... Hope this helps explain it a bit better...
  2. We are evaluating the pro version of Jet. So far so good. Our program is a small Swing GUI that we've been testing and so far everything is fine. The executable installer size is around 10MB with the newest version and the client is fine with that. But, one of the things we need to do is have the program self update, so we're building it in components so the main portion is smaller. The program is made of 4 jars (two third-party) and two we build. When I compile the first three into DLLs, one of the third party jars becomes 10MBs on its own. The EXE and the other two are small, total size of all is still about 11MBs. But then, after Jet Packing it up, it's almost 17MBs in size. Any reason? It's almost 7MBs bigger than the non-component build. Is this just a quirk of building the app in components? I've been saying it was going to be 10MBs for a while now, so I'd hate to have to introduce it as this size. If there's anyway to get this back down to 10MB, please let me know... Thanks