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    FATAL: Out of memory

    Thanks for the suggestions - Interestingly 3.60 MP5 does not hide the problem, but does behave differently - at the point which the FATAL error was occurring the program stopped getting CPU time and its memory usage stopped changing (at close to max), and stayed idle for 5-7 minutes before showing the error and exiting. With the 4.80 evaluation version I still cannot reproduce the bug so we probably need to shift to that to be safe. Can we obtain a discounted upgrade given a bug like this is so severe and something that makes 3.60 unusable for us?
  2. iwmonkey

    FATAL: Out of memory

    We've been using JET 3.6 standard (I think mp 3) for a while and started encountering our app failing at runtime reporting "FATAL: Out of memory" I understand perhaps this is a good reason to upgrade/renew our JET version, if we could confirm that recent versions have fixes which should help prevent this error. The app itself chews through a lot of memory, and the presence of the error depends on the variation of the app as well as the jet.gc.heaplimit we supply. Different combinations of 1500m, 1600m, 1700m with other input cause or hide the problem. Verbose jet properties only lead to message e.g. "failed to allocate 16k" A few tests with a trial version of Jet 4.8 dont exhibit the bug, so if there have been fixes such as internal memory leaks dealt with to prevent this error, then it would be good to know Thanks