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    Compiling Eclipse Plug-In AOT

    Hi Pavel Being able to properly compile Eclipse RCP based applications is a feature I would very much like to see in your product. Any news on it being added soon? The last date referenced in this thread said "Not Q2/06", how about 2007? The roadmap document makes no mention of it that I can see. Also, I wanted to clarify your answer in the previous message. If I write a method that for each plug-in included in my RCP app, references each class contained in that plug-in (in the context of that plug-in's classloader) then will I be able completely compile my app ahead-of-time, or is that just a shortcut to avoid having to do the manual cache warming steps in KB000010? (i.e. I would still need to compile the cache created by the JIT compiler after my method ran) Cheers, Josh