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  1. bjacotez

    Using javax.comm API

    I have found a solution: comm.jar should be placed in: profile1.5.0_09/jre/lib/ext win32com.dll should be placed in: profile1.5.0_09/jre/bin %windir%System32 javax.comm.properties should be placed in: profile1.5.0_09/jre/lib
  2. bjacotez

    Using javax.comm API

    Thanks for you help. But it's not working. But what about the file win32com.dll ?
  3. bjacotez

    Using javax.comm API

    Hello I'm trying to use the javax.comm API but I failed. I tried to put the files (javax.comm.properties & win32com.dll) in the running directory but it doesn't succeed. I'm using the JET V4.8 trial.