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  1. Modula-2 Debugger and C++ Exceptions

    A debugger change was required to fix this issue. Please contact Excelsior if you require support.
  2. Hello, We have a Modula-2 application that uses a C++ DLL. The C++ DLL uses exception handling. When we are debugging in the XDS debugger and a C++ exception is thrown, the XDS debugger breaks and displays a ?Program exception? message. The debugger allows us to examine or continue execution. Does anyone know if there is a way of preventing the XDS debugger breaking when a C++ exception thrown. We have disabled the ?Show exception at first try? and ?Show software exception? configuration options in the XDS debugger but it still breaks when a C++ exception is thrown. Thank you Michael
  3. XDS Modula 2 Debugger and .Net

    There was a bug in the XDS Debugger. Please contact Excelsior if you require support for the issue.
  4. XDS Modula 2 Debugger and .Net

    This issue has been resolved.
  5. We are currently investigating the feasibility of creating a Modula 2 application that uses a mixed mode (managed/unmanaged) .Net DLL. We are using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 C++/CLI to produce the DLL. The DLL exports an unmanaged function ?TestFunction? that displays a simple .Net Windows Form. We have created a Modula 2 application that simply loads the DLL and calls ?TestFunction?. The application runs successfully when executed outside the XDS Debugger. The problem we are having is when the application is executed within the XDS Debugger. The XDS debugger crashes with the following message: *** Sorry, but in debugger *** #RTS: unhandled exception #0: invalid index We have tried V2.50 and V2.51 of the XDS Modula 2 compiler and debugger. The debugger crashes in both versions. We have done further investigations in an attempt to isolate the problem. Below is a list of things we have tried and the corresponding results. 1) Test applications written in Delphi 5, Delphi 2006 and Visual Studio 6. Each application loaded the DLL and called the ?TestFunction?. The debuggers associated with each development environment worked fine. 2) We executed the Modula 2 application in the Microsoft WinDgb debugger. The application executed successfully. 3) We created a mixed mode .Net DLL targeting the .Net Framework 1.1 using Visual Studio 2003. We then configured the Modula 2 application use the .Net Framework 1.1 runtime (via a ?hostname.exe.config? file). The application ran outside and inside the XDS Debugger successfully. We then configured the Modula 2 application to use the .Net Framework 2.0 runtime. The application ran outside but not inside XDS Debugger. 4) We modified the DLL ?TestFunction? so that it does nothing. The application ran outside and inside the XDS Debugger successfully. It would be very much appreciated if anyone has suggestions or solutions. I am able to supply our source code if required. Thank you