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  1. radoslavkirilov

    The .jar file opcodes

    Is there a place on internet where are listed all java bytecode codes together with their hex codes? Thanks in regards for who will post me
  2. radoslavkirilov

    Java to Pascal or other languages.

    Are there some source code converters that can convert java code to pascal code or other language source code.
  3. radoslavkirilov

    How to compile a project :)

  4. radoslavkirilov

    How to compile a project :)

    I downloaded and installed Sun JDK 1.4 but when I try starting it my PC blocks. What could be the possible cause? May I be installing it from wrong installation? If so please give me another link to download the Sun JDK 1.4
  5. radoslavkirilov

    How to compile a project :)

    Thanks for now I will try and will post the result.
  6. radoslavkirilov

    How to compile a project :)

    Hello all !!!! I am new in the Java programming, infackt I hacve never used JAVA until now. Recently I downloaded a project from Source Forge that pretends that for the compilation it needs Java 1.4 compatable compiler. Is Excelior JET such compiler and how to use it to compile the project? Thanks in regards for all who will post me.