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  1. radblue

    Java 6 Support

    We are going to be running in what you would consider more of "an embedded" environment. The application will be running on a single board computer that has a modern OS and not much else. So the idea is to see if JET can produce some increment in system throughput.
  2. radblue

    Java 6 Support

    We used JET a number of years ago with Java 1.4. We never tried it with our apps when they were under Java 5. We felt we didn't need to. But now we have a Java 6 application that *may* benefit from JET. So we are willing to try it out. I'll let you know how it works out using JET. And thanks for the update on the release schedule.
  3. radblue

    Java 6 Support

    We use Java 6 for our applications because of: * better speed than Java 5 (3x for us); * latest version of JMX; * JAXB 2.0 (bundled with Java 6) rocks; * Handful of improvements to the standard libraries. We don't need JET for all of our applications. But we are fortunate enough that we can use Java 6 so we would like to stick with one JVM version and use JET for one or two applications. Thanks.
  4. radblue

    Java 6 Support

    Is there an ETA on when JET will support Java 6?