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  1. swtM

    Embedding JPanel in C++

    Thanks again for your help. Would it make any difference if SWT was used instead of Swing? This windowing system is based on native widgets. So there might be a way...?
  2. swtM

    Embedding JPanel in C++

    Thank you for your reply. As far as I understand these examples they are about integrating "normal" java code by a dll into a C(++) program. I am especially interested in embedding a Java graphical component like a JPanel into the MFC-GUI. So my question is if it is possible to handle such a java graphical object like a normal MFC component within my user interface.
  3. swtM

    Embedding JPanel in C++

    Is there any possibility to embed a Java component (e.g. a JPanel or SWT Canvas) into a C++-MFC-Program by using a Java-DLL? So that the Java code is contained in the dll and the C++ program uses and integrates this dll.