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  1. I'm using XDSC compiler to convert Modula-2 code. But, the compiler is not recognising <*/INLINE:50*> statement. The following error is displayed: "E172: conditional compilation option starts with incorrect symbol" Do I have to change the syntax? Is there any workaround for this problem?
  2. Hi, When I am trying to migrate a modula code to C, using XDS-C's xm compiler, its not recognizing some of the datatypes. Below is the list. ARRAY OF NEW LONGCARD CARDINAL CARDINAL16 SHORTCARD LONGINT INTEGER16 SHORTINT LONGREAL BITSET32 BITSET16 Please guide me how to proceed with such types. Thanks and Regards, Revathi
  3. Hi, I have a modula source which has the following code segment. %IF OS_WINDOWS %OR Linux %THEN <*/CALLS:SBOSSystem*> %END When I compile this, the following error occurs, * illegal character * $ %IF OS_WINDOWS %OR Linux %THEN Please give the syntax of %IF and solution to solve this problem. Thanks and Regards, Revathi
  4. Hi, I am trying to convert a modula file, say example "hello.mod" using "xm" in Linux operating system. It compiles the mod file and generate an eqivalent "C" file. How can get "c++" file as output. Is there any option to set, whether I need a C/C++ output. Regards, Revathi