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    JAva PLugin Framework (JPF)

    Thanks for the clarification. However, we are not trying to speed up application startup. We're trying to speed up the first openning af a given Swing window in our application. It appears that the first time an instance of a window is created (with "new") it takes something like 20 secs where the next occurences take more like 5 secs. And yes, JPF does use custom class loaders... So if I'm not mistaken, this is a problem with JET right? PS: by the way, this java application is a re-write of an existing application consisting of some 1200 DLLs, at least half of wich are loaded dynamically at startup time, the rest during the execution ;-)
  2. Jetfire

    JAva PLugin Framework (JPF)

    HEllo everyone, I'm new to using JEt but it seems like the kind of tool we need. However, our application is a LARGE one. It consists of something like 240 JAR files That in itself can be a problem, but nothing that a little work can fix. My question is concerning our use of JPF. It's a plugin framework that uses XML files to dynamically know which jar to put in the classpath. Now if I manage ton cert all my JAR files to DLL, will the framework know which dll conresponds to which jar?
  3. Jetfire

    JAva PLugin Framework (JPF)

    Our purpose is to speed up the execution and loading of the Swing components. We noticed that the first opening of a Swing window is very long and are looking for a way to speed up this process.
  4. Jetfire

    Embedding JPanel in C++

    About 2 years ago I was looking onto the same issue. Now I don't exactly remember the name of the tool, but, you can convert any Java Bean type component into an activeX control, therefore you can use it in a MFC application