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    Apple OS X Support?

    Good point but I mean 10% of possible customers. If they buy my software, I can include the JVM in the installation process if not automate it completely. I'm looking at it from a business point of view. I cannot release my Java code to 10% of computers because I cannot protect it from a hacker on the Mac. I am making music software. Music composers comprise a very large user base of Macs, perhaps rivalling that of PCs. Regarding Java performance issues, Eclipse IDE on my 867 MHz Mac with 2 gig RAM is CPU hungry.It is attrociously unresponsive when another app is running. The GC and JIT are a major headache. I run Reason and Logic music production apps simultaneously. Theses are apps with real-time controls and output. My app needs to connect with Reason for playback while Logic is running. If I can't have a tool like yours upon completion of the coding within two years, I have to drop the Mac base or release byte code at a low price point or revert to JNI where there are bottlenecks. Any way you look at it, I lose. I've spent 180 hours so far on my Java code. I went part-time at my job to finish this project. My wife is not happy about the risks and the time spent. She doesn't know about THIS problem yet. Can Excelsior native compiled code run on Apple's JVM? Or can Apple's JVM be modified to run native code if your Excelsior could target for Apple's JVM? Not much work required for that I imagine. GCJ could probably do it if Apple modified their JVM. Does Linux use X11? Mac OS X is UNIX. Can't you compile Excelsior for Mac Darwin and have Java apps run on x11? If it costs more to make it for Mac, charge more. Articles you requested on Mac market share: http://apple20.blogs.fortune.cnn.com/2008/04/01/analyst-apples-us-consumer-market-share-now-21-percent/ http://www.macworld.co.uk/mac/news/index.cfm?newsid=20751
  2. Sprout

    Apple OS X Support?

    Many people want the intellectual property protection and speed of executables but there doesn't seem to be a way to do native executables on the Mac. So who chooses Java to make applications they cannot release on the Mac (now more than 10% of the market and growing)? People choose Java because it is a multiplatorm API. They will either use another language or go to another business model that assumes the bytecodes will be hacked and their software given away for free. By not supporting 10% of the market, you are shrinking your own Windows market and increasing development interest in GCJ - two very bad outcomes from your perspective.
  3. Sprout

    Apple OS X Support?

    I am also waiting patiently for Mac OS X support. Now that Mac is on Intel, is it in the works?