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    UAC Support for Vista

    Thanks for that. I will modify the app.res resource.
  2. Mistryl

    UAC Support for Vista

    I was hoping when you released Jet 6 that it would have UAC Support for Vista, as this is probably one of the biggest changes from XP to Vista. In case you are not aware, UAC (or User Account Control) allows Vista to elevate privileges from either within code or as part of the startup of an executable. Microsoft recommends that you add a UAC manifest resource to all executables to help Vista determine what execution level is appropriate for the application. In our applications case, if they have Administrative rights, we would like it to run as administrator. But there is no option within Jet for doing this as part of a normal application build and it really should be there if you are claiming Vista compatibility. If you need any info, this blog link gives a good run down of how to do it and why you need to : http://blogs.msdn.com/shawnfa/archive/2006/04/06/568563.aspx Hope you can add this to a future release as it really is important for Vista support.