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  1. Zilvester

    JSR 223 in Jet 6

    Thanks for the quick reply Jek. As a follow up question, can you tell me what JCA (cryptographic) implementations will be included?
  2. Zilvester

    JSR 223 in Jet 6

    Hi, I know Jet 6.0 is not due yet, but I'm currently developing my application and it's not likely to be finished until next year anyway. So I've assumed Java 6 compatability will be around when I need it. However, one of the features of Java 6 that I'm going to be using is JSR 223 (scripting support). The Sun implementation includes the Rhino engine, but on reading the spec I'm not sure if all implementations have to come with any engines included. I know it's posible to add engines at run time but what will Jet 6 come with?