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  1. Hi Am using Excelsior 4.1 and am compiling the java code and making installers using this software,We basically end up generating two sets of installers, one is the server installer which installs all our application servers as windows services and we have client installers which we install on clients machines and launch the applications talking to the server services. We have been using this software for long time and been working in good shape. But recently there were few new systems added in our network and when we installed the installers, they get installed fine and the server services start fine, and even the clients get installed fine and we were able to launch the applications, but after running the application and after for few hours we end up with an error dialog as below. This dialog appears when ever we click on the client.exe file .This is a weird behaviour ending us to think to see if it?s the installer problem or the environment problem on the new machine. The same installer works fine of the old machines which were running before. On further investigating, we found that one of the dll is getting corrupted and once we copy that dll with the new one , its launching fine. We build the installers on windows 32 bit XP operating system and we install them on the same machines too. Any ideas on this would be very much helpful, as this is turning out to be a serious problem with our clients upgrading to new machines in their environments. A quick advice or ideas of solution is greatly appreciated. --Raju.v