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  1. I have just written to Collabcad, and have given them the address of this forum thread. I think many people would appreciate your assistance in explaining or clearing up this Excelsor Jet error message, if possible. Thanks, certainly, from me.
  2. If the error message reads: "Runtime error #3(trap) in JET Please, contact Excelsior Support Dept. at " one naturally attempts to do what is asked.
  3. Hi, Thanks for this forum. I've been researching the use of CollabCad on Ubuntu before attempting an intsallation, and came across the following query (posted on a number of websites) regarding an error message regarding JET (reprinted below). Can you provide the author (and the rest of us) assistance in resolving this problem? I would like to do a CollabCad Installation on Ubuntu as well. Thank you in advance. "[LIH] Solid Modeling CollabCAD not working H . S . Rai Mon, 30 Jul 2007 07:36:05 -0700 2D / 3D CAD software CollabCAD http://www.collabcad.com/ which is supposed to be platform independent, gave following error on Ubuntu. ------------------- Setting CollabCAD VARIABLES Home Directory of COLLABCAD is . LD_LIBRARY_PATH ./linux/lib:./linux/lib/other_libs:/usr/X11R6/lib Runtime error #3(trap) in JET Please, contact Excelsior Support Dept. at ------------- Anyone, who is using CollabCAD on Ubuntu, or otherwise can help me in resolving issue. -- H.S.Rai =================== https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/linux-india-help