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  1. Special_Dragonfly

    Customised Installation Messages

    Thank you very much - exactly what I was looking for. Anyone know where I can find a DLL creation wizard..?
  2. Special_Dragonfly

    Customised Installation Messages

    It's not an error message, it's a technical question! When a program that's been compiled as a windows service is installed on another machine I'd like to be able to have a message come up saying, "Please make sure previous versions of the program aren't running", and if they are, then abort the installation. I was hoping there was something in the wizard that would allow me to do it...
  3. Special_Dragonfly

    Customised Installation Messages

    Hello, I've had a brief look over the forums but find nothing relevant. My question: Is there a way, when making Windows Service Files, to have customizable messages come up such as "Please make sure the ... is not running before uninstallation occurs"? The compile option seems limited in what it can do. Thank you. Dominic