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    package 3rd party jar file with JetPack 2

    Hi, I am talking about a generic java project wherein I have to replace some code for every client. Let me explain in further detail. I need to hardcode the name of the client in the software before I can ask the client to download the software. I am talking about 25+ clients. I obviously do not want to do 25 iterations of the builing of the native application as each build takes 2hrs+. So I am looking for a solution wherein I can inject some code into the build before I package, since packagin takes lesser time than building. If this solution does not work, can you suggest an alernative solution wherein I can put smallcustom code for each client and I do not want to do more than one build. Thanks Amar..
  2. Hi, I am trying to package a 3rd party jar file into the executable so that I do not have to put the jar file outside the executable. This is necessary as we do not want the end user to replace the jar file. How do I achieve this witout doing a complete build of the project? The project build takes 2 hrs and I do not want to do this for different clients everytime I want to replace only this jar file. Any suggestions are helpful. Regards, Amar..
  3. Hi, We have a product that we build and package using Excelsior Jet and Excelsior Jetpack 2. When end user is installing the application on their system we want to enable the end user to register their product with us before the installation keeps proceeding. Only after a successful registration does the installer allow the end user to complete the installation. How do we achieve this? Can you suggest a solution for this? Thank you Amar..
  4. Hi, Our application has some external libraries that we bundle as external to the executable (.exe file) in a lib folder. Would it be possible to bundle them as part of the executable? For maximum security would you recommend all the libraries be obfuscated before bundling them (or) would that be an overkill. Also if they are bundled as part of the exe would the performance of the application on the end user machine be affected? What do we need to do to bundle them as part of the executable? Looking forward to your reply... Thanks Amar..
  5. Hi, We are currently using Excelsior Jet for changing our Swing application into a native application. Some of the steps are being done manually. We want to automate end to end the creation of the installer to be deployed on various desktops, all the way from compiling Java code to obfuscating it using proguard to creating the installer through Excelsior Jet and packaging the application through Excelsior JetPack. We have created the .prj and .jpn files. We need to know how to call these through the ant scripts passing in any arguments, and automate the whole process. Do you have any ant tasks for this (since your product mainly targets the Java language)? Some working examples would be appreciated. Thank you for you time. Regards, Amar..