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  1. mwilson

    64-bit Support

    I posted here two and a half years ago saying that 64-bit support was required to make JET a good option for knowledge management / enterprise search / data mining, and this is even more true now. The lack of any further updates as to the target release date for the 64-bit version is disappointing.
  2. mwilson

    64-bit Support

    > May I ask why you're interested in 64-bit version? > Do you develop, say, an engineering application that requires large heaps or something else? We develop document processing systems (mainly doing iterative statistical categorisation and clustering) that need to process large data sets (and thus use large heaps) and also make heavy use of 64-bit integers. Currently the inner loops are in C, linked to the main Java system via JNI. We'd switch to Excelsior if it could deliver similar capabilities and performance with a Java-only codebase. Hopefully your compiler will make full use of the extra registers and 64-bit integer operations for evaluating long expressions.