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  1. Hi, did that solve the problem? Could you please give some step-by-step details about how you sign the installation package using the signtool? Thanks Ted
  2. Look forward to seeing the password function being added. Thanks Ted
  3. Would be a nice feature to have if it does not have. I could not find it in the current version. Thanks.
  4. It seems the installer does not know the default program files folder when installing a X64 program on Vista 64-bit or XP 64-bit. It always finds the Program Files (x86) folder. Any solution to this? Thanks Ted
  5. Normally, when you look at the setup.exe file's properties, you will see the data fields filled, such as publisher, copyright, version and etc. But the file created by your installer does not fill in these fields. Could you guys please add that in the next release? It's annoying to see Windows popup the "Unknown Publisher" message everytime the program is installed. Thanks Ted
  6. Sometimes it takes a long time for Excelsior to start to get to the main display (New, Open, Exit). Any idea why and any solutions?
  7. First, the installer is an excellent product. Clean interface, easy to use and better than many others I've used. One question, is there a way for the installer to add an 'autorun.inf' file for burning a CD? I know I can create one by hand but it's tedious to do. Thanks and keep up the good work! Ted