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  1. Are there any known bugs in JET Pro 6.0 with handling shutdown events when logging out of Windows? We are currently not seeing it hit when running with our JET exe but we do see it when running with javaw.
  2. I can't seem to figure out how to download an updated profile for JET 6.0 correctly. How do I upgrade from 1.6.0_03 to 1.6.0_07?
  3. sbir

    Changing the uninstall text

    Understood but I am sure they didn't have a lowercase unInstall in the middle of it. Even being consistent would be fine. It just looks unprofessional as is.
  4. sbir

    Changing the uninstall text

    How do I submit a bug asking for the case used in the uninstall to be made consistent? It appears in three different forms in the one screen and my QA group has asked that I correct it. UnInstallation, UnInstaller and unInstaller. All appear in the current versions text. The desired fix would be uppercase U and lowercase i in all cases.
  5. sbir

    Changing the uninstall text

    I can't seem to select the uninstall text, only the installer text. Is there a trick to change the branding edit area to allow you to change the uninstall?
  6. sbir

    Changing the uninstall text

    Is it possible to edit the uninstallers title and text? The case is different in the title and the body of the text and I would like to correct it.
  7. sbir

    Digital Cert being stripped on install

    Thank you, This seems to work for the jet exe I create but I do not see the uninstall.exe staged. Could you tell me where this is located using this process?
  8. We are using the Microsoft signing tool to sign our JET exe before we run jetpack. When the exe is installed on the end users system it is no longer signed. How can I stop this from happening? Also the uninstall.exe is not signed. What is the best way to get this signed correctly for Windows Vista?
  9. For our use it will always need admin rights. I think the suggestion to install as common if you have admin and are personal if you don't would be work well in other cases as well.
  10. I always want to install for all users and do not want to show the installation type panel. Can this be defaulted to common and not shown to the users.