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  1. Hi, I am trying to follow the instructions for building a multi-component application. Generating the shared libs works fine, but the classes containing the main methods for the executables are in one of the JAR files that is already included in the shared library. I tried using a project file to generate an executable that did not contain a classpathentry like this: -OUTPUTNAME=myexec -CLASSABSENCE=HANDLE -IGNOREMEMBERABSENCE+ -MAIN=path/to/class/with/main !uses ./sharedLib.prj but [tt]jc =p myexec.prj[/tt] gave me an error message: #module not found "path/to/class/with/main" I also tried adding a !module directive for the shared library, with the same result. Can I use a class in another project for [tt]-MAIN[/tt], or do I have to split out the classes containing the main methods? Thanks for any hints, Peter.