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  1. Ashwin

    Upgrade for a product

    Hi, I were using Excelsior Jet 4.8 for our applications. Every thing is working fine except for: When I have updated the two jars (main exe jar and a dll converted jar) an error appears "Inconsistent compilation set detected when processing the following classes." When I have deleted the intermediate files corresponding to the dll jar project properly get updated. Can't there be an easy way to do such a kind of updates. Now once I got the updated execution set I need to put it on the server (either in the form of Self-contained directory) and upgrade it supposed to be identified by the client machine (at present we are using Java web start. It identifies the old jars and replace them automatically with their new versions). Do you know any way out which could provide such a functionality? --Ashwin
  2. Hi, I have evaluated Excelsior Jet 4.8 and it is qualifying all my requirements. Can you please provide me the detailed information regarding the purchase of the same. Please list the price of all the available Editions and if possible along with the feature matrix. --Ashwin
  3. Ashwin

    Support for Jre, SE 1.4.2_02

    Hi, I Have run my application on Sun JRE 1.6.0_03 without using Excelsior JET... it is throwing the same exception...
  4. Ashwin

    Support for Jre, SE 1.4.2_02

    From where shall I get the trial package of Excelsior JET 4.8
  5. Hay I was trying the Excelsior Jet 6.0 for a java application developed in Jre, SE 1.4.2_02... after i have created an exe through multi-component architecture... it has started throwing an event dispach exception for swing components. Can anybody suggest wat can be the feasible solution...can the old versions of Jet will do and from where can i install them....
  6. Ashwin

    Upgrading the dlls

    With the help of update package I have followed the mentioned procedure. The package has even identified the changes in the replaced dll...but the problem persist when i have checked it through a trial run...
  7. Ashwin

    Upgrading the dlls

    Hi, I have generated the windows native code from the jars though multi-component principal. It is working properly. But now I want to simply upgrade one of the jar... thus the corresponding dll, but when i generate the new version dll of it and tried to replace it with the older one the application stop working and generated the following error message... "Failed to load c:\test\foo2.dll <inconsistency with foo2.dll> unable to find/load c:\test\foo2.dll <referenced from c:\test\MainExe.exe> If you port compiled executables to other machines, please use the JetPack II deployement utility <see Jet's user guide, deployement automation for detail>" Can anybody suggest what is the exact procedure for upgrading an existing dll...
  8. Hi , The Standard Edition of Excesior Jet 6.0 is not come packaged with Optimizing JIT compiler. But will this edition be able to generate native code out of jars...